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Why Cass? Harnessing the Power of New Ideas

Why Cass?

Especially in uncertain times, you need a certain partner.  Cass is stronger now than ever before.  We succeeded in spite of the Great Depression, and we grew well through the Great Recession.  We’ve added new technology, new services, and many new customers.  Let us show you how we can be the partner your organization can look to – even in tough times.

Our state-of-the-art processing systems and facilities provide confidence that transactions will be handled quickly and correctly.  As other providers leave the market, go out of business, get bought and sold, or suffer continual changes, Cass is the reliable provider.  Our mission is solely to provide the best quality, highest value utility information product.  And with more than 100 years of heritage behind us, we plan on leading this industry well into the future.


How Does Cass Serve Your Company?

We serve 2 “customers” inside each organization – AP and Energy/Facilities.  By design, our solutions bring unmatched benefits to each.  By maintaining this strategy, Cass is able to maximize the value to our clients.  We are both an AP outsourcing partner, and a key foundational component for a comprehensive utility management program.


Key Features


The AP team at any company expects only improvement over their current processes.  Cass, as a true financial institution, understands the needs in this area.  Controls, visibility, security and efficiency are key focuses.  But more importantly, it must also show savings. 

Many companies wrestle with the true cost of paying a utility bill.  Some only count labor and the cost to cut a check.  Some include overhead, late fees (tracked and paid), unnecessary deposits, payment application issues, cash flow value, and so on. 

Cass can help you define what the cost truly is to your organization.  Taking into account the additional services Cass brings – full data entry, bill validation, complete payment management, missing bill and shutoff prevention, etc. – we’ll deliver a substantial ROI by taking advantage of our scale and focus.


But most importantly, Cass will deliver timely, accurate utility spend and usage information inside an easy-to-use, powerful analytics platform.  We’ll help make sense of this information so you can focus on reducing consumption and expense.  We’ll manage the information – you manage the risk.  Together, we’ll both manage to bring savings to you and to your employees, stakeholders and clients.

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