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What We Do

It has been said, “You cannot manage risk without managing information.”  Cass manages the information companies need to manage usage, expense, budgets, sustainability, and all the other risks posed by a complicated utility environment.

Many companies in the market will offer bill processing services.  Some even offer “complete energy solutions.”  But the fact is, no company can match the scale, security and technology available with Cass’ comprehensive bill management offering.

Our investments in technology are only matched by our investments in our people and processes.  To process more bills than any other provider, faster and more accurately, Cass Utility Division employs the latest equipment, software and training.

So what does this mean?  For customers, it means that your bills are processed faster than anywhere else.  It means that the data we capture and report is the most accurate.  And it means it is done in a fully redundant processing center, staffed entirely by highly trained Cass employees – no contractors, no offshoring.

Cass is, from its roots, a financial processing company.  We’ve chosen to apply those skills to particular industries, such as utilities, where we can add significant value.  We bring specific focus to the unique AP and information needs of facility related bills. 

By doing this, AP departments gain a valuable outsourcing partner, able to save them time and money by managing a non-core process more efficiently.  We offer AP managers world-class controls and visibility, all at greater savings for the corporation.

And energy/facility managers get the timely, accurate data needed to manage risk in an ever-changing utility landscape.  Combined with the expert advisory services of our partners, utility expense management is taken to a new level.


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What Does It Cost To Pay A Bill?

IOMA, the Institute of Management and Administration, publishes a leading AP benchmarking study.  Its 2010 study shows the median cost to pay an invoice is $6.24, with an average of $11.63.  Highly automated AP departments experienced an average cost of $10.56 per bill.*

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