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Partner Services Unlock The Power Of Your Facility Information

The Cass Partner Network

Cass operates exclusively via Energy Service Providers (ESPs), who utilize Cass’ data to provide value-added energy services. These services, combined with world class accounts payable practices, complete the package of total facility expense management. Your Cass partner will manage the entire package of services you select, under one contract and thru one contact.

Cass Partners operate both nationally and internationally, providing turn-key energy management packages. The data used to feed these service offerings is rigidly qualified – both by Cass quality assurance and by Cass ESPs. Your data quality will be second to none.

Below are just some of the key offerings provided by ESPs, based on information from the utility bill management program. For more information on the Cass Partner Network, Contact Us here.

Advanced Bill Auditing

Performed within a fully closed-loop environment, with enterprise workflow and data feeds, Cass Partners perform in-depth audits on utility data utilizing custom systems and algorithms. Performed in conjunction with your bill processing, these are designed with best practices aimed at catching pre-payment and post-payment errors. These audits result in fully resolved utility exceptions and ongoing savings for you.

Rate / Tariff Auditing

The constantly changing nature of the utility regulatory and economic environment results in constantly changing rate options for your facilities. Cass Partners are experts in managing these changes for you, resulting in full rate optimization on an ongoing basis.

Energy Procurement

Energy is the most volatile commodity on the planet. You need a plan to manage the risk and uncertainty across commodities, markets and time. Deep expertise and experience, utilizing quality data, are the factors that make Cass Partners stand out here. Market experts will help you navigate the ever increasing complexity of energy markets to result in the best mix of risk management and savings.

Budgeting / Forecasting

When all other services are done, you still need to know your outlook. Obviously this can change depending on many factors – internal and external. Cass Partners will help you boil down all the factors into simple, usable predictions for usage and expense. More importantly, over time, this will be verified and adjusted as needed.

Sustainability / Carbon Reporting

No matter what type of facilities you operate, and whether your CO2 reporting is voluntary or mandated, Cass Partners can calculate accurate carbon emissions for your locations. As policies evolve, we stay up-to-date on the CO2 emissions and carbon footprint analysis you need.

Site Open / Close Services

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 locations, opening and closing services can become complicated. Cass Partners meet your time requirements, and make sure your facilities are fully prepared. This includes rate selection, deposit management, meter changes, and many other specialized requirements related to your needs during these events.

Demand Side Management

The most certain way to spend less on utilities is simply to use less. Cass Partners have numerous solutions to reduce cost on your side of the meter. From building control systems to more efficient equipment advice, this can quickly become an integral part of your overall energy strategy.

Energy Star

Rating your facilities has never been easier. From facility setup and information management, to full ratings processing and benchmarking, Cass Partners make sure your eligible portfolio is rated in a timely manner. Linking this with your utility bill management makes ongoing ratings and facility changes easy to process.


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