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The Cass Strategic Edge

Cass is the market leader for bill processing/payment and information analysis for utility and other facility related expenses. Cass provides payment and analytical tools for nearly 600,000 locations. Cass partners with the nation's leading Energy Service Providers, as their back-office for best-in-class energy management programs.

And our data hub stores and delivers all of your key information to any or all of our energy services partners (ESPs).  This allows for long-term security of your AP processes and data, as well as the ability to choose one or multiple ESPs for your energy needs.

The Security Only a Bank Can BringThe Security Only a Bank Can Bring

Cass Information Systems' roots trace to 1906, when Cass Commercial Bank was formed in St. Louis, Missouri. Cass Bank is a Federal Reserve member bank, with more than $1 billion in assets. Cass is subject to stringent state and federal audits, as well as SAS 70 Type II compliance, and encourages it customers to audit Cass' processes as part of a commitment of proven financial stewardship.

As a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: CASS), Cass' financials are readily available, adding yet another level of assurance that customer transactions are always secure.  No other bill management provider in the marketplace can offer the level of security Cass can.


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More than just Electric and Gas Invoices

More than just Electric and Gas InvoicesIf your facility only ran on electricity and gas, things would be much simpler.  But the fact is, most facilities have numerous “utilities” served by numerous vendors.  Cass is ready to help with all of those. 

We have more than 130 different types of payables flowing through our systems – all of which we are experts at receiving, validating and paying.  So, if it’s a facility related payable, ask us how we can help provide information and savings on all the things that keep your business locations up and running. 

See the list below for some examples:

Utilities Telecom Facilities  

Natural Gas
Heating Oil

Local Service
Long Distance
Leased Lines


Municipal Fees
Pest Control
Offsite Storage
Alarm Security
Bottled Water

Food Service
Contract Maintenance
Professional Fees (Legal/Tax)
Fuel (gasoline, diesel, etc.)
Steam, chilled water, district heat

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